TAMPON's "Planet Tampon" album OUT!

Legendary female fronted Turkish punk band TAMPON`s 1st official album "PLANET TAMPON" on pre-sale now. Album will be released on 1st of April. Total 13 classic and new Tampon songs recorded as a retrospective memory to their fans. Beside of the classic Tampon songs, you can find 3 new songs (Tampon Tampon, Tek Tabanca and Candy Castles) Vocals and bass by Aslı Akıncı A, guitars, bass and back vocals by Umut and drums by Anıl Atik Patrikoski
Album is recorded at Jamsession Kayıt ve Prova Stüdyosu/lstanbul, mixed and mastered by Studio Hostivar/Prague. Music Supervisor is Ünver Şahin, Artwork by Eren Kucukerdem, Esat Cavit Başak and Aslı Akıncı A. Album pressed on transparent white vinyl with red splatters, the best sound quality 45 rpm 12” LP pressed in Czech Republic by PROF SNY Vinyl
Planet Tampon Album will be available only on vinyl and limited edition!

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